Let’s meet our coaches.They know well what they doing

  • Wow — very nice reading — I enjoyed it very much — very long and thorough — I’ll re-read it again tomorrow to see what else I pull from it. Thank you, Chrissy!
  • Hey Chrissy thanks for the reading! It had a lot of insight on what is going on with me, I may possibly have another job however but mixed emotions from leaving the one that I have already. I should know something by next week. I have already been through several interview processes with this other company. It appears to be something that I would really like even more than what I have and it offers benefits which I don’t have at my present job. Hopefully the universe will work in my favor. It’s a process but I have faith and I will let you know!
    Tanya B
  • Awesome reading it’s amazing how dead on Christine is highly in touch with spirit to be able to do a reading so accurate when she’s never met me. I would highly recommend her for answers to any situation you may need to know about.
    Bernadette F
  • Christine did some cards for me and they made total sense to me. Thanks Christine.
  • I have received my Birthday reading from Chrissy and just want to say that the last card especially resonates at this time. It was exactly spot on to what is happening. Chrissy is very generous in her explanations of what each card means and how it relates. Fantastic. Thank you.
    Kaye F
  • Corrine Manuel “Psychic Christine changed my life. I was in an endless job that I couldn’t afford not to have, but I often felt unhappy and stressed even at the thought of having to go to work. After speaking to Christine she guided me into the right direction. Not only did I land my dream job I have tripled my income! Thank you Christine.”
  • Christine thanks so much for the reading. So much of it I agree with. I am a creative person but lately I’ve been feeling extra creative with regards to my writing. I am very imaginative and there are choices to be made. I am at a crossroad and I’ve been experiencing a spiritual connection/experience like I never have before. I’m learning about my spirit guides, the universe, mother earth etc. The universe is working on my behalf to get things done, and I feel somewhat of urgency to write like I’ve never have before. I absolutely love this stuff. I wish I was taught all this from a child. Every time I was ready to give up I was able to muster up enough strength and courage to keep going, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes I’m too hard on myself and may make certain situations seem more than they appear. I definitely have to work on that. Again thanks so much Christine. I pray that your mother makes a speedy recovery.
  • Thank you Christine for the reading. When I asked you to do a reading on my relationship it was more than I imagined it was going to be like. You not only covered what was going on now but somehow went further back in time of what was going on then what to expect from in in the future to come. You couldn’t have been more accurate. The reading you did for me covered so much of my relationship. It had me step back and take a look at the big picture here. You were right on target with everything from the distant past, what my current situation is, the obstacles in the way and the final outcome. I have to say I was impressed. Everything you said was so true and things that you did not know about this person was all right there laid out in the cards describing him and the situation and as going on and what was going to happen. My final outcome came a few weeks later and it was on target with what you said. I would definitely want to have another reading for other areas in my life and if they are as accurate as this one, I can’t wait to see what life has in store for me. I look forward to another reading from you very soon. Thank you so much.
    Eileen J

Thomas Clarckson

CEO and Founder

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