The Dreamscape is Full of Morphic Resonance.

The Dreamscape is Full of Morphic Resonance.

The Dreamscape is Full of Morphic Resonance.

Consciousness consists of supercharged wave-forms of quantum energy. “Quantum” means an ennobling of the unrestricted. You and I are storytellers of the biosphere.

We are at a crossroads of self-actualization and materialism.

Through affirmations, our lives are engulfed in insight. Astrology may be the solution to what’s holding you back from an astonishing wellspring of being. You will soon be aligned by a power deep within yourself — a power that is conscious, heroic.

Balance requires exploration. We exist, we exist, we are reborn. To follow the path is to become one with it.

It is a sign of things to come. The dreamscape is approaching a tipping point. We must bless ourselves and bless others.

Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the galaxy via molecular structures.

Hope is the driver of grace. Will is a constant. By blossoming, we self-actualize.

The goal of vibrations is to plant the seeds of transformation rather than greed. We exist as a resonance cascade. Today, science tells us that the essence of nature is sharing.

Yoga Meditation –Himalayan Tradition

Yoga Meditation –Himalayan Tradition

Yoga Meditation –Himalayan Tradition

Yoga Meditation –Himalayan Tradition

Yoga meditation is described to be an art and science of systematically, observing, accepting, understanding, and training each of the levels of our being, such that we may coordinate and integrate those aspects of ourselves, and dwell in the direct experience of the center of consciousness.

The Yoga of today is not actually a separate part of Yoga Meditation, simply because for a fact Yoga is meditation.  However, to differentiate Yoga Meditation to the now popular belief that Yoga is all about physical postures, Yoga Meditation is a complete process unto itself and only a small though useful part of which relates to the physical body.

In   Himalayan tradition of Yoga Meditation, one systematically works wit the senses, body, breath, the various levels of mind, and then goes beyond to the center of consciousness. The science of yoga meditation as taught by the Himalayan sages, is already a complete science that has been divided into smaller pieces over time, each having individual parts that has sometimes unfortunately been cut out from the whole Yoga Meditation and has been given separate names and taught as unique systems of meditation.

Yoga Meditation of the Himalayan tradition involves a broad range of practices and not only deals systematically with all levels, it is also holistic.  These practices include:


Regardless of what object is used, such as breath, a visualize image, an internal point of focus, or a religious symbol, meditation evolves in stages.

  • Gross objects.  Yoga meditation may start with concentrating on identifiable objects or words.
  • Subtle objects.  Second would be to shift to their non-objective form, such as light or sound which constructs the object
  • Bliss.   Third would lead to the subtler, joy-producing essence or meaning of the object, or
  • I-ness.  Moving still deeper into the being-ness or existence itself. 

Yoga meditation is systematic, moving inward from gross, to subtle, to subtler, and to subtle-most.  Attention moves inward progressively, from the most external to the very core of the being.  


Whether it is a reflection on the universal picture or an aspiring verse from the sacred texts of one’s religion, contemplation also evolves.  One of the focuses of Contemplation in the Himalayan tradition is Mahavakyas or great Contemplations.  The stages that contemplation evolves are:

  • Thought.   Contemplation may start with a verbal thought or process.
  • Reflection.   Second is to deepen to quiet reflection
  • Intuition.  Later bring intuitive wisdom, and
  • Knowing.  Then lead to a formless knowing. 

Like meditation, contemplation also moves inward, following the steps of moving inward from gross, to subtle, to subtler, and to subtle-most.  As the more external, gross, verbal way recedes, it leads to the very core of our intuitive being.


Although Prayers might be different for people of different cultures and religions, prayer also evolves through stages:

  • Repetition.   Prayer may start by being repetitive and standardized in a traditional way
  • Relationship.  Then shifting to a more verbal and spontaneous inner relationship
  • Feeling.  Then developing to a deeper, non-verbal feeling of love and devotion and
  • Communion.  Transforms into still deeper communion.

Prayer also moves inward, progressively from the most external to the very core of our being.  Prayers for strength, or for spiritual awakening, gradually come to completion.


Whether the Mantra is of a particular religious significance, such as a short phrase or a spiritual language such as Sanskrit, or a seed syllable not of any particular religion or language, it also evolves through stages. Mantra usage deepens with practice:

  • Spoken.  It may be spoke first externally or internally
  • Heard.  Later heard or attended to internally
  • Feeling.  Then later experienced as a syllable-less feeling, or
  • Pervasive awareness.  Finally experiencing pervasive awareness that leads to its source.

Mantra like the other practices of Meditation, Contemplation, and Prayer, also moves inward.

The root meaning of Yoga Meditation lies in the meaning of the word Yoga itself, which comes from “yuj” meaning to join, to bring together the aspects of yourself that were never divided in the first place.  Although some principles of Yoga Meditation are contained within various religions, Yoga meditation is not a religion. 

Tai Chi Meditation Heart Chakra

Tai Chi Meditation Heart Chakra

Tai Chi Meditation Heart Chakra

Tai Chi Meditation Heart Chakra


Meditation is a devotional or a contemplative exercise aimed to serve an objective. The objectives can be deepening of a spiritual insight or achieving some form of personal enlightenment. This topic covers how to manage a Tai Chi meditation heart chakra control.

What is essentially a Tai Chi meditation heart chakra control? Chakra is defined as a spiritual power that is hidden deep within the seven ‘life gates’ of the body, one of which is the heart. Harnessing the heart chakra properly allows an individual boundless energy. The Tai Chi mediation heart chakra control requires a certain degree of preparation to execute properly. Advanced practitioners of Tai Chi are all adepts in this meditation, especially the moving kind of meditation the martial art requires.

So how do we do a Tai Chi meditation heart chakra control?  There are some preparations to be made before attempting a heart chakra control. The mornings should be the best time for meditating since distractions are lesser this time of the day.

This is an example of a Tai Chi meditation heart chakra control.

Standard Tai Chi Meditation Heart Chakra

Begin this exercise by getting comfortable. Choose an area with less pollution and noise and without distractions. Sit down comfortably with the back straight. It doesn’t matter if you assume the lotus or half lotus, by the time you master this technique, you can even do this inside a train or a bus. The eyes are slightly closed, but not completely to allow a slightly downward gaze to a spot about a pace in front. The mind should be clear from any thoughts at this step. The purpose of the fixed gaze is for the eyes to focus onto something but not distracted by it. Breathing should be done in regular, unhurried pace, with breath held in for some time before exhaling.

The next step is the trick of opening the heart chakra gate. Now, focus your attention (without looking) on the center of your chest. Imagine a surge of power from the center of your chest to your head and shoulders especially at the back of your head and on the spine. Maintain your half-closed eyes. Try imagining a tickle of water running from your scalp to your back. If you feel a slight tingling, you have successfully opened the gate to your ‘heart chakra’. Now, do you feel refreshed?

Beginning Chakras for Spiritual Alteration

Beginning Chakras for Spiritual Alteration

Beginning Chakras for Spiritual Alteration

Beginning Chakras for Spiritual Alteration

Opening chakras transforms life right into a blissful journey by opening the doorway to pure awareness and finding an limitless quantity of energy. Throughout the condition of pure awareness, you’ve complete treatments for your feelings, physical and mental health along with your spiritual energy. It is actually a condition of pure peace and bliss.

The chakras also govern the power surrounding career, associations, money, family, health insurance and home. Weve found that once the chakras are out of whack or blocked, this could cause a number of issues. By understanding, clearing, healing, shifting and energizing the chakras that govern these areas and also the designs surrounding these areas, incredible, important and miraculous changes can occur. Opening chakras and chakra healing allows you to obvious up energy blocks within your body. Chakra healing is essential if a chakra isn’t carrying out properly, this might cause our health, mental health insurance and our spiritual selves to suffer.

Each chakra is connected having a physical, mental, emotional, mental, spiritual and psychic aspect. For instance, opening chakras to build up psychic awareness will trigger any incomplete business, issues, challenges and gifts during these areas. For example, opening chakra one the main chakra, will excite your survival instincts and produce up any items you have regarding your security, money, home, and career. However it may also intensify past and offer physical conditions around the bottom of the spine, legs, and renal system. You might experience some discomfort within the root chakra region. If this chakra is stimulated you can have a tingling perspective of legs and bottom. But do not worry…do not get scared…you’ll feel whatever your system needs to feel when along the way of aiming, healing and/or opening chakras.

You will find many techniques it’s possible to use for opening chakras. Some popular techniques include using meditation, deposits, yoga, along with other workout.

Although you will find 100s of chakras within our body, you will find seven primary chakras. By using meditation you are able to achieve to possess these 7 chakras aligned leading you to definitely a well-balanced and healthy life. Additionally, when opening chakras, you are able to attain the condition of pure awareness by aiming the chakra powers.

The aim would be to have seven chakras in perfect harmony and balance, but simply opening one blocked chakra can create a tremendous positive impact… turning your whole life around.

Sleep Meditation

Sleep Meditation

 Sleep Meditation cat-1270657_960_720

Sleep Meditation 

Are you having a hard time sleeping? Is your mind too active that even when you do go to sleep you are still restless and do not sleep deeply? There are a lot of theories and opinions about how much sleep a person needs, it varies according to health, activity and circumstances. But it is a fact that the deeper and more peaceful the sleep is, the more rested we feel the next morning.

Sleep meditation is a form of meditation that helps you relax your mind and releases it of stress that results to a more peaceful and deep sleep. There are many ways of sleep meditation, but you may want to follow these steps first before performing sleep meditation to prepare your body and promote a deeper and more restful sleep:

Slow Down before Sleep Meditation

Before going to bed, start to slow down. Stop heavy mental activity; write down what you need to do the next day and leave the list in the other room. These would allow you to clear your mind and let the energy start coalescing to get what you want done accomplished before you start the sleep meditation. If there are other things that are on your mind, turn it over to a higher unemployed power that needs the activity for the night. Feel complete about the day, and acknowledge what you have accomplished and lessons learned. Forgive yourself for anything that bothers you and list five things you are grateful for. For short, devote the next hours to peaceful, unoccupied sleep.

Eating Habits before Sleep Meditation

Eat at least two and a half hours before you go to bed. Eating just before going to sleep gets your body tied up with digestion and it’s hard to sleep deeply. Be conscious of what you eat, no animal protein, fried or heavy foods. Eat lightly for an evening meal. Easily digested dishes are the best for the evening meal and will prepare your body for the sleep meditation, and avoid dairy because it makes it difficult to get up the next day.

Practice the Left Nostril Breathing before Sleep Meditation

The two nostrils are associated with two different energies. We are energized and stimulated when we breathe to through the right nostril, and when we breathe through the left we relax and calm down. Approximately after every two and a half hours, our breath naturally changes dominant nostrils. After eating, our nostrils will change to the left to accommodate the energy needed to digest food, the reason why we feel sleepy after eating. The dominant nostril is the nostril that is easy to breathe through when you block the other nostril. It is useful before going to bed, to sit quietly and block off the right nostril and breathe long and deeply through the left nostril. Slowing down the breath to four or less breaths per minute can facilitate sleep.

Bedtime or Sleep Meditation – Shabad Kriya

If you practice this sleep meditation on a regular basis, once a week or even every night, your sleep will be deep and relaxed. The control of the rhythm of the breath strengthens the nervous system and regenerates nerves. After a few months of practicing this sleep meditation, the rhythm of your breath will be subconsciously regulated and eventually you will internally chant the mantra and hear it in your daily activities. This is a good meditation to recover from the daily fatigue caused by normal daily stress travel and even jet lag.



Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Hands are in the lap, palms up, right hand resting on top of left and the thumbs touch and face forward.


Focus the eyes at the tip of the nose with the eyes about 9/10th closed. You can do several ways to do help you make easy looking at the tip of the nose. One would be, to bring your forefinger in front of your face and look at it. Keep looking at the forefinger and slowly bring the forefinger to the tip of the nose. To facilitate the concentration at the tip of the nose, do the following exercise. Bring the arms out to your sides parallel to the ground, palms up. Do breath of fire for 1-3 minutes. This exercise balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which makes it easier to maintain the focus of the two eyes. Focusing the eye at the tip of the nose causes the optic nerves to cross at the third eye; it is easier to bring your mental focus to the third eye while the eyes are directed at the tip of the nose. Both the pineal and the pituitary glands and the area between them are stimulated by this eye posture, which has the effect of breaking old habits and creating new ones.


Inhale 4 equal parts through the nose, dividing it into 4 sniffs. Mentally vibrate SA TA NA MA with the four parts of the inhale breath. Hold the breath and mentally repeat 4 repetitions of SA TA NA MA. Making 16 counts SA TA NA MA SA TA NA MA SA TA NA MA SA TA NA MA Then exhale in 2 equal strokes, mentally projecting WAHE GURU WAHE GURU means ecstasy. WAHE GURU is the result of integrating SAT NAM into the psyche. When we experience the Truth, we feel ecstasy.


Continue for 11, 15, 22, 31 or even 62 minutes. This meditation will often put you to sleep before you complete the allotted time.

Psychic’s Don’t Work For Free

Psychic’s Don’t Work For Free

Psychic's Aren't Free

(Old Article, still on point today).

Psychic’s Don’t Work For Free

I was encouraged to write this article by friends and fellow psychics.

I ask you the question do you work for free? I ask this question because if I even accidentally log onto Facebook chat, the chat windows pop up with questions such as: Can you tell me this? Is my boyfriend cheating? Can you mean rereading? Or I have the people who just in a number of questions at one time. I click off the chat and shake my head and roll my eyes.

Really if that isn’t bad enough I get e-mails every day for free readings or people just any me their questions, expecting me just answer them. When I do e-mail them back and say that I don’t offer free readings, but here is the link to my tarot page to order reading.  Sometimes I don’t hear back, sometimes I do hear back and I get I have to pay for reading? I silently (okay not silently) stare into the air and going into my barrage of does the gas company give us gas for free what about the electric company?  Does the grocery stores just tell us take a cart, fill it up don’t worry it’s free. No they don’t.

Who the hell works for free? Sure I will give you a free reading… I won’t pay my mortgage or utility bills or tuition or feed my family because apparently you think what I do is free.

Well news flash” I don’t work for free”. I will barter trade services, but I don’t work for free. I don’t live in the middle of a forest and reside in a tree. I live in a century home that needs a lot of work. Oh and surprise! It comes of the mortgage, utility bills a family of fur babies etc. You get the picture.

So I don’t work for free. I am human like you with bills to pay and a family to take care of, I know you don’t work for free, so why do you think I do really?

Don’t give me the old age” what you were given a get crap”. You know what?  I am so sick of hearing that you were blessed with gift crap. Yeah I was born with the gift it was a gift I was given to support my family. I go to school continue to develop my gifts so I can give my clients 110% of me and what I have to offer. Newsflash again school costs money.

So no offense to those of you who still think that I am supposed to work for free. You just need to shut your pie holes and go to tell your bosses not pay you anymore that you have decided to work for free. No? Well I don’t work for free either, so don’t ask me to do free readings or give away free services. I don’t work for free. Nor do my fellow psychics and readers.

Love & Light